WCC 2007 Workshops

A: God's Healing Touch and Restoration

Speaker: Ron and Carol Miyake
Carol Miyake Ron Miyake

Our Father desires to heal with His love – to transform insecurity into confidence, bondage into freedom, and bitterness into forgiveness. This workshop will reveal awareness of inner healing and address its significance in terms of preparing for the field. The speakers will share prayer tools that are helpful in ministering to those who have a heart for the lost.

B: Ministering to the Poor, Broken, and Outcasts

Speaker: Shampa Rice
Shampa Rice

The gospel has commanded us to minister to the poor, broken, outcasts, prostitutes and homeless. But how do we minister to them? What are we missing? The missing gap is not more information or apologetics. The speaker will impart the revelation of God's great love in us to touch, heal, restore and bring life to the lifeless and hope to the hopeless.

C: The Power of Art and Media in Our Culture

Speaker: Jonathan Fung
Jonathan Fung

This workshop will encourage and inspire artists to share their faith by using their creative gifts to bring transformation outside the walls of the church. The speaker will emphasize the importance of collaboration and networking in order to build a community of artists including: filmmakers, photographers, painters, sculptors, poets, musicians, designers, and dancers.

D: Islam and Christian Witness

Speaker: Saleim Kahleh
Saleim Kahleh

Do you have a heart for reaching Muslims for Christ? Or are you just curious about one of the fastest growing religions in the world? Come and get an insider's look at the often misunderstood faith of Islam. This workshop will provide practical strategies for opening a productive dialogue with Muslims.

E: Restoring Health and Dominion in our Relationships

Speaker: Jim Koch
Jim Koch

Note: two-part workshop that spans both sessions

Males and females were created in God's image for relationships and for the express purpose of exercising dominion – shared dominion. The health of all relationships is determined not only by how we love each other, but by how effectively and sincerely we respect, support, strengthen, enhance, and celebrate one another's God-given, and God-intended dominion. This workshop will look at Old and New Testament principles that will be applied through practical models.

F: Fulfilling God's Call in Your Life

Speaker: Susan Peters
Susan Peters

In order to walk out our destiny in the power and authority of Christ, our emotions and negative encounters of the past must be dealt with. When we are academically driven and professionally secure, it is easy to brush aside the weaknesses of our souls such as: moodiness, depression, anger, insecurity, moral and relationship failures, etc. These areas sabotage our full inheritance in the Kingdom of God. This workshop will inspire you to pursue freedom and lead others to theirs.

G: The Making of a Mentor

Speaker: Alicia Britt Chole
Alicia Britt Chole

"If only I had a mentor!" is the cry of many hearts. This workshop will guide you through an inspiring study of Jesus' example as He calls, empowers, and commissions the twelve. Jesus ministered to the multitudes. He concentrated His life in a handful of followers because Jesus' prize was not information; it was impartation. The power of Jesus' mentoring was neither programs nor paper; it was life.

H: Emerging Markets

Speaker: Wayne F.

How can I become more effective in my current marketplace setting? As the emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, and China develop rapidly, there is an insurgence of social issues encountered by a whole new demographic of highly educated middle-class professionals in urban centers. With the proper marketplace platform, Christians have a unique opportunity to disciple and mentor an emerging urban church – modeling the integration of faith and the marketplace. This workshop will also address how to integrate your faith into your current marketplace setting.

I: History Belongs to the Intercessor

Speaker: Evelyn Lo
Evelyn Lo

"History belongs to the intercessor." (Walter Wink, author and professor at Auburn Theological Seminary). Why do we pray? Does prayer really make a difference? Learn about our role in partnering with God to bring the Kingdom here on earth. The speaker will share Biblical insights, practical guidelines, and personal stories on how to deepen your prayer life and become an effective and powerful prayer warrior.

J: The New History Vectors

Speaker: Dr. Thom Wolf
Thom Wolf

Note: two-part workshop spans both sessions

What is the best way to live life on this planet? That is the question this generation is being asked to solve - a global conversation in the midst of clashing civilizations. This generation is at a turning point of history. Discover the five voices around the table - five distinct voices offering five different answers. Learn how to begin a meaningful conversation with anyone in the world by asking questions.

K: Standing in the Gap

Speaker: Frank Dang
Frank Dang

The Asian American experience has produced a generation who has much in common culturally and experientially with people in unreached parts of the world. From where you are to the ends of the earth, your impact is significant. God is calling the Asian Americans of this generation to rise up and "...stand before Him in the gap on behalf of the land." (Ezekiel 22:30).

L: What Will it Take to be Fully Prepared?

Speaker: Janine Parrish
Janine Parrish

Following God's call cross-culturally takes much more than just saying, "Yes" and raising a budget. The speaker will discuss and address the following questions regarding the preparation process. How to handle transitions in relationships? How emotionally healed to be before going? What will it take to raise a healthy family overseas? Preparation is vital to flourishing in the place where God leads.